Lens Options

Most Mobotix camera models can be equipped with individual lens combinations upon request.

M22/M24/M25/D12/D14/D15 Camera Series

These cameras can be ordered with any available lens, but the default lens is the Super Wide Angle (L22).  Other lenses can be retro fitted after installation

M12/M15 Camera Series

The M12 series lenses are preset at the factory and cannot be field replaceable. The M15 lenses are interchangeable.  Lenses are selected and locked (glued) in place (with the exception of the L135) ensuring optimum focus during the complete camera life cycle.


Lens Table
Order No.L11L22L32L43L65L135CS-Vario
Original image








35mm equivalent11 mm22 mm32 mm43 mm65 mm135 mm24-54 mm
Real focal length1.8 mm4 mm6 mm8 mm12 mm25 mm4.5-10 mm
Image angle horizontally180°90°60°45°31°15°73°-37°
Image angle vertically160°67°45°34°23°11°58°-28°
Distance 1 mmmmmmmm
• Image width2.
• Image height111.
Distance 5 mmmmmmmm
• Image width10.
• Image height556.
Distance 10 mmmmmmmm
• Image width20.
• Image height11013.
Distance 20 mmmmmmmm
• Image width40.023.016.411.05.229.6-13.3
• Image height22026.616.412.28.03.822.2-10
Distance 50 mmmmmmmm
• Image width100.057.541.027.513.074-33.3
• Image height55066.041.030.520.09.555-25


The focal lengths of MOBOTIX lenses do not reflect the actual focal length of the lenses, but the focal length ( Lxx mm) converted to 35 mm camera format. For example, the MOBOTIX Super Wide-Angle lens has an actual focal length of 4 mm. This would be the equivalent of L22 on a 35 mm camera. This lens is thus called L22 .
Since the image sensors in digital cameras have different sizes, converting to 35 mm camera as a known format provides for better comparing the image formats and the fields of vision of the different lenses. Another benefit is that you can easily set a 35 mm camera (analog or digital) to the same focal length (Lxx) to obtain the same field of vision. This approach greatly facilitates lens selection.