System Integration

Video security products have to meet a diverse range of needs, and the latest Mx6 6MP camera system from MOBOTIX is versatile enough to do just that. It’s faster, more flexible and more powerful than ever before, and it delivers sharp images in MxPEG, MJPEG and, for the first time, H.264. This opens up entirely new possibilities and makes the camera system ideal for handling any situation that arises.

  • MxPEG, MJPEG and H.264 simultaneously
  • The highest MOBOTIX frame rate
  • The best MOBOTIX processing power
  • Intelligent motion detection
  • Greater capacity for additional software applications
  • RTSP/multicast for displaying the video stream on multiple clients simultaneously


MOBOTIX Deliver Maximum Flexibility

Video solutions from MOBOTIX can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure thanks to their decentralized architecture, and the options for expansion are practically limitless. This makes it possible to install basic but effective protection on a tight budget and expand it step by step as needed.

Tap Into New Markets With The H.264 Industry Standard

Increased system performance enables new functions. For example, the Mx6 camera platform can also generate an H.264 stream in addition to MxPEG and MJPEG video codecs. This video standard offers the advantage of easy integration of MOBOTIX cameras into third-party video management software, as well as the opportunity to participate in tenders for which H.264 is planned.


License Plate Recognition

MOBOTIX cameras can also be used as an intelligent imaging system for automatically reading vehicle license plates. They allow for rapid processing of entries and exits, easy management of parking capacity and automatic gate opening around the clock.

Facial Recognition

High-resolution, light-sensitive MOBOTIX cameras can also be a helpful tool in facial recognition-based access control. The easy-to-integrate S16 DualFlex and the M16, with its dual lenses placed right next to one another, are often the perfect video systems for this purpose – even for special 3D video applications.