MxBell App

Never miss another visitor, thanks to push notifications! Use MxBell on your smartphone or tablet to receive notifications from the doorbell of a MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station and live views from MOBOTIX cameras. This app helps you open the door and enables hands-free talking, automatic camera search, a live view, camera connection via SSL and display of the connection status.

  • Never miss another visitor, thanks to push notifications.
  • Displays doorbell messages from MOBOTIX IP Video Door Stations.
  • Live views from MOBOTIX IP cameras with gesture-controlled PTZ function.
  • Open the door from anywhere, hands-free talking.
  • Automatic camera search, live view and camera connection using SSL.
  • Displays the connection status.
  • Supports remote connections and mobile data.
  • iOS 8 and Android 2.3 (or higher)

Mobile Companion

Maximum Information, Minimum Configuration

Image processing, analysis and recording take place directly in every Door Station and camera. The networked systems form a kind of data cloud that the App can access and then display the desired information in a user-friendly manner. Quick Setup, such as deciding which events to record, is carried out elsewhere (for example, MxDisplay+ or camera software).

Remote Access

Worldwide Access To The Door Station And Cameras

The ability to communicate with someone at your door or turn on the light from far away is now a reality. You first need to configure your router for incoming data traffic and create a DNS account before you can access your Door Station and cameras using mobile data or other networks.

Wireless Connections

Bandwidth-Optimized Access

Very little bandwidth is required to transfer video and audio to the App, even when the image resolution is set very high. When wireless networks (WiFi, 3G/4G) are used on mobile devices, the connection quality is not always constant and the device may even drop the connection. As a result, it is not always possible to transmit all events, such as doorbell messages, on time. MOBOTIX therefore recommend always using a wired remote station such as MxDisplay+.