Technical Benefits

10 Reasons to choose mobotix

In 1999 Mobotix developed a world first, by developing a network based camera system (not just the cameras) with high resolution video & audio over standard networks.  By integrating the analog video signal and by integration of a powerful PC – on board – the Mobotix camera system is truly an “all in one” package.  With no need to physical moving parts, or analog/digital convertors or specific housing the Mobotix cameras are one step ahead.

Complementing our Cost Benefits breakdown, we’ve broken down the key features of the Mobotix system for the technically minded.

Why choose Mobotix (Technically)

Progressive-scan instead of half-frame blur

  • Megapixel sensors and image processing inside the camera with digital white balance generates sharp and true colour images at every scale.

Sun and backlight compensation

  • CMOS sensor without auto-iris, digital contrast enhancement and configurable exposure measurement zones to guarantee optimal exposure control.

Dual Camera technology: 2-in-1

  • Two possible camera views with PiP (Picture in Picture) technology or 180 degree panoramic view; one Dual-Fixdome camera with 3.1 megapixels is enough.

Long-term, high performance Terabyte recording included

  • Event detection and ring-buffer recording by the camera allows recording of 40 smooth video streams on a single PC (1200 VGA images)

Simultaneous recording, event search and live viewing

  • Live video for multiple users, recording and event search simultaneously possible in seconds from anywhere via the network

Very low network load

  • Efficient MxPEG video codec, motion detection based recording and video buffering inside the camera guarantees a low network load.

Bridging of recording during network failures

  • Internal camera ring buffer bridges network failures and bandwidth fluctuations of wireless links for several minutes.

Day and night maintenance free

  • Unique Day/Night camera technology without moving parts guarantees extreme light sensitivity and ensures long term reliability.

Audio and SIP telephony

  • Lip-synchronised audio (both live and recording); each camera is a video IP phone based on the SIP standard with automatic alarm call and remote control

MxControl Centre included

  • Dual screen technology with building plans, free camera positioning, event search, image process, lens distortion correction and PTZ support