People Counting And Directions Of Movement

How many people go in and out of which entrance during the day? How many people take the stairs and how many take the elevator? With MxAnalytics, the camera-integrated video analysis tool for all MOBOTIX single-lens cameras including the T25, MOBOTIX offer valuable added information users can leverage to optimize processes or use for marketing purposes.

  • Live analysis locally in the camera, without network load
  • No additional devices like computers, servers or black boxes required
  • Video analysis software available free of charge with no usage restrictions
  • Easy configuration and intuitive operation for the user
  • Automatic counting corridor and heat map reports


Analyzes The Behavior Of People And Objects

MxAnalytics makes it possible to collect statistical behavioral data on people and objects. This is done by defining recognition zones (full live feed or a partial area) and counting corridors. The camera then records how often each counting corridor is crossed within a specified period. The most frequented areas in the recognition zone are highlighted in color within a heat map. MxAnalytics is available free of charge for all Q26, D26, M26, i26, c26, p26, V26, S26 and T25 models (with any lens, as a day or night version) with the full range of functions starting from firmware version MX-V4.4.0.31.


In-Camera Storage

MxAnalytics can be activated and deactivated manually, based on a signal or following a time table. The results are saved in the camera every 15 minutes and can be exported manually or at specified times (report profiles). Only around 30 MB per day or 1 GB per month of the camera’s internal memory is required for continuous analysis.

Heat Maps

Visualize Highly Frequented Areas

Which shelves in the shop are attracting the most customers this Saturday? Which waiting areas in the departure hall are preferred in the afternoon? All movements of objects of a particular size are recorded and evaluated, either in the live image or in a previously defined detection area, to provide answers to questions like these. The frequency of the movements is shown visually by means of different colors within a heat map.


Count People And Objects

You can define counting corridors in appropriate locations in the live camera feed to find out, for example, how many people walk in and out of each entrance of a shop over the course of a week (the system always generates two counts). The camera records how often each counting corridor is crossed within a specified period.

Directions Of Movement

With Ceiling-Mounted Q26, c26 And S26 Cameras

Behavioral detection allows events such as recording and notifications to be triggered by various types of alarms. These alarms record special movements of people/objects in the image area that are unexpected or undesired for the application scenario and/or that require an immediate response; these might include movement in the opposite direction (one-way street), entering a “digitally defined” restricted area etc.